Pole chorée - pole Dance

In Vertical Fit, you can practice during Pole Choreo during which you will learn a choreography with movements previously learned in class.

Please note: if you wish to participate in the Pole Choreo, you have to take regular technical courses!
Indeed, Pole Choreo is not a technical course but a choreographed course, so the figures are not explained technically or very briefly.

In this class, we learn a choreography that will mix dance and sexy poses, on and
around the pole.

The course is generally open from the beginner level in pole dance (see more details on a case by case basis in the schedule).

This Pole Choreo class est programmé au planning de façon non-régulière.

Platform heels are not mandatory.
If you don't have heels, pack socks.
If you have heels, the soles should be clean.
Provide knee pads or gaiters to protect your knees.